Minima Processor


Your processor, our technologytogether we can break records!

Lauri Koskinen, Chief Technology Officer /  Tuomas Hollman, Chief Executive Officer

Abstract — Choose Minima to transform your processor into a minimum-energy-point design. Our technology will enable near future fantasies such as in-body medical devices and energy harvesting.

Index terms — processors, low energy consumption, design flexibility, better reliability.


We live in an age of great technological transition and are about to take a giant leap → into a vast realm of new possibilities. But, we are being held back unnecessarily: batteries that are too big, too clumsy and too easily over-heated stand in the way of the full power of IoT.

But the solution exists, and it is our privilege to present it to you. Minima’s record-breaking energy efficiency will enable new categories of technology.

What does this mean in practice? It means that you choose a processor, and → we turn it into an extraordinarily low energy consumption product that is ready for the mass market. For you, it means lower production costs,  design flexibility, a wider range of applications, and greater → reliability. For us, this means that we have succeeded in doing something that many have attempted with little success.

II Background.

Minima began as an academic research project in 2008. Since then, it has grown into a company that is backed by venture capitalists and that collaborates with top universities from Finland to Berkeley.

No one else has reached → minimum energy point in a way the Minima Processor has. Our world record, 3.15 pJ per operation on a 32 bit processor, lowers energy consumption up to 15 to 20X as compared to nominal voltage design. This is the key to all new technologies, including edge computing, smart dust, energy harvesting, in-body medical, voice wakeup, low-power wide area networks and IoT security.

E/op (normalized)

Vdd (mV)

Minimum Energy Point (EOP)