Minima Processor


We take your processor to near-threshold voltage

Minima gives you the best power and performance solution for your chip or application. Choose the chip or application yourself and → take it to its minimum energy point with our record-breaking solution.

The solution is Minima’s energy saving subsystem for SoCs. It includes processor hardware macro, power management, and software.

Minima’s technology offers you ultra-low energy levels, a wide range of operating voltages, and flexible clocking.

And this is what you get: longer operation time, faster implementation and decreased heat generation. Not to mention faster time-to-market, wide scalability, more flexible designs and optimized SoC solution.

Use Minima Processor’s technology in any ultra-low voltage high-volume product where low energy consumption – or even total battery autonomy – is key. You can integrate Minima technology into your own standard design flow. During the integration design process you get run-time feedback, which results in agility and fast results.

Want to know more? Let us explain. The Minima dynamic margining approach adds both hardware and software IP to customer-specified standard components. This enables the device to function at its lowest possible power for any given task, data, or in any ambient condition. In addition, with ultra-wide dynamic voltage and frequency (DVFS) implementation, the Minima solution achieves far more energy savings than a standard DVFS implementation would.

Figure 1. Minima’s energy saving subsystem includes processor hardware macro, power management and software.

Additional details: Minima uses an IP delivery model that adds both hardware and software to CPU and DSP processors. What makes the Minima approach different is the dynamic margining for power. Minima IP enables the device to modify power usage during operation. Thus the device responds to the performance needs, process variations, or environmental conditions in real time. Unlike static approaches that attempt to make gate libraries very robust for low-power operation, the → Minima dynamic margining approach makes sure the operating conditions are correct in real time.

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