Minima Processor


The global IoT market will be $14.4 TRILLION or more by 2022. The growth is HUGE.

Industry analysts expect the IoT market to grow rapidly until at least 2022, and even further into the future.

The growth comes from two separate categories:

Industry-specific use cases will generate 66% of the growth including smart grids and connected personal vehicles.

The rest of the growth will come from cross-industry use cases (34%) including future of work initiatives – meaning telecommuting and collaboration technologies, and travel avoidance.

To summarize: The size of the market in 2022 is predicted to be 14.4 trillion USD.


Minima Processor completed its second seed funding round in spring 2017. Lifeline Ventures was the latest investor to show interest in Minima’s new processor technology. In the first stage, Minima attracted investments from VTT Ventures, CFT Nordic Capital, Aalto University, and a group of angel investors.

”We consider Minima’s technology to be a very promising breakthrough that allows radically improved – as much as 20 times higher – processor energy efficiency. Minimizing energy consumption is the key factor in vastly growing IoT markets, and Minima’s expertise in that field is first-class”, says Lifeline Venture partner Juha Lindfors.