Minima Processor

HW Engineer / specialist

Company description

Minima Processor Ltd is an innovative Finnish semiconductor company which supplies world’s most energy efficient IC technology to other semiconductor companies. Minima’s record breaking
technology allows for radical energy savings on digital processing: on CPUs, DSPs, SoCs, and other similar products. Minima has offices in Espoo and Oulu, Finland.

Job description

As an embedded hardware engineer you, will be responsible for the integration of Minima’s solution into an embedded processors and DSPs. You will design ultra-low voltage CPU cores for IoT, Mobile application processors, and servers.


  • 5+ years of development experience with commercial embedded systems
  • Experience with productization and manufacturing of semiconductor products
  • Proficiency with modern digital CAD flow (Cadence, Synopsys)
  • Proficiency with integrated circuit design (tape out, measurements)
  • Proficiency in processor architecture (ARM, RISC-V, DSP, etc.)
  • Experience with microcontrollers

Preferred qualifications

  • B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Computer or Electrical Engineering
  • Proficiency with product development for IoT, wearable, and similar embedded devices
  • Proficiency with embedded product definition

More information:

PDF: HW Engineer / developer