Minima Processor

HW Verification Engineer

Company description

Minima Processor Ltd is an innovative Finnish semiconductor company which supplies the world’s most energy efficient IC technology for Systems-on-Chip. Minima’s background is in academic
research. The record-breaking technology allows for radical energy savings for digital processing: on CPUs, DSPs, SoCs, and other similar products. Minima has offices in Espoo and Oulu, Finland.

We are enthusiastic, flexible and a growing team which offers you a cutting-edge position in ultralow-power design. Working in Minima offers you good possibilities to affect your own work content.

Your contribution will be essential for our customers and will have a positive effect for both your and the company’s success.

Job description: Design Verification Lead / Engineer

You will be a key part of a silicon design and verification team responsible for creating silicon IP and ASICs targeted at ultra-low power CPUs / DSPs and DVFS systems. Your responsibilities include building verification infrastructure, testing digital logic at block and system level, and verification closure.


  • Thoroughly understand design specs and develop verification plans for various designs
  • Develop and maintain testbenches
  • Run directed and constrained-random verification tests
  • Be able to think through design corner cases and be able to write relevant cover points
  • Collaborate with digital design team to debug test cases and deliver functionally correct
  • Close coverage measures to identify verification holes and to show progress towards tapeout
  • Create programming sequences for lab characterization and ATE
    Preferred qualifications
  • B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Computer or Electrical Engineering
  • 2+ years of relevant experience in integrated circuit design and verification
  • Experience with low-level computer architecture

More information:

PDF: HW Verification Engineer