Minima Processor

SW Security specialist

Company description

Minima Processor Ltd is an innovative Finnish semiconductor company which supplies the world’s most energy efficient IC technology for Systems-on-Chip. Minima’s background is in academic
research. The record-breaking technology allows for radical energy savings for digital processing: on CPUs, DSPs, SoCs, and other similar products. Minima has offices in Espoo and Oulu, Finland.

We are enthusiastic, flexible and a growing team which offers you a cutting-edge position in ultralow-power design. Working in Minima offers you good possibilities to affect your own work content.

Your contribution will be essential for our customers and will have a positive effect for both your and the company’s success.

Job description: SW Security specialist

We are looking for security specialist to our SW team. As Security specialist, you will have a chance
to master security aspects of various processors and operating systems. You have experience on
working with SoC vendors and delivering secure SW applications. Preferred location for this position
is Oulu.


  • Deep understanding of various embedded / hardware security vulnerabilities and threats
  • Strong hands on experience on security architecture of both processors and operating systems
  • Experience from HW secure boot and secure flashing
  • Experience on secure applications or secure Android
  • Experience on key management and/or certificates
  • Open mind and “everything is possible” -attitude
  • Experience with Python, C and/or C++
  • Preferred qualifications
  • Experience with requirement management on security area

More information:

PDF: SW Security specialist